Mike Brown talks about Kobe Bryant in his offense (VIDEO)

There were a few interesting nuggets revealed Friday afternoon when Mitch Kupchak and Mike Brown met the media for the first time since the (tentative) end of the lockout. There was vague chatter about free agents and roster moves-- Kupchak made it clear the Lakers don't have much flexibility, but this much we knew-- and more concrete talk about Shannon Brown's future in L.A.

In terms of on-court questions, though, probably the most concrete look into how things might play out this season came when Brown was asked (by none other than AK) about how he'd plan to use Kobe Bryant in the offense. Needless to say, it involves mid-to-high post play, locations Brown referred to as "the Karl Malone area," which I suspect Karl Malone, who loved himself some third person, also called the Karl Malone area: