Andrew Bynum says his knees "feel really good" (VIDEO)

Andrew Bynum looks good. The eye test says he's thinner, but Sunday Bynum said he might actually weigh a little more. "I just turned a lot of fat into muscle."

By all accounts, Bynum worked his tail off through the lockout, and appears to be reaping the benefits.

"My knees feel really good," he said.

Whether it'll be the Lakers who potentially benefit remains to be seen, but as of now the news is all positive. Then, as only Bynum can, he managed to temper the enthusiasm of fans before they even had a chance to have any.

"Basketball is the hardest thing for [my knees], he said. "A lot of training, boxing, is great for footwork. It’s a lot of running. I do a lot of running, a lot of lifting, but there’s nothing quite like the hardwood when you have to run up and down. You’re always banging into people, defensive sliding, and jumping and things like that. Right now my knees feel great, and hopefully that will be the case for the long haul.”

So aside from all the stuff he's paid to do, he's totally set, right? Some of this is pure Bynum. By now, fans know Drew's unique ability to frame a situation with unusual candor, but it speaks to the elephant with whom he'll always share a room. No matter how well he plays -- and he's had moments of domination -- it's hard to feel comfortable going all in thanks to Bynum's physical history.