Lakers Late Night Replay: Clippers 114, Lakers 95 (plus postgame video)

In the category of things that won't exactly soothe the frayed nerves of Lakers fans, I give you Monday's 114-95 loss at to the Clippers in the preseason opener at Staples. In a normal season, a bad effort in a pretend game wouldn't cause a ripple, but this is no normal season.

We break it down on the first postgame Lakers Late Night of the year. Like the team we cover, Andy and I suffer some technical glitches along the way, but hopefully the product was more entertaining. Among the subjects covered:

  • Where things went wrong for the Lakers, on both sides of the ball. Includes video from Kobe Bryant, Mike Brown, and Andrew Bynum.

  • The highlights, and there were a few despite the final score.

  • What about this Lakers team should improve with time, and where they're likely to run into trouble no matter how much practice they get.

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Click below for the rest of Monday's postgame video, including Brown, Bryant, Bynum, Pau Gasol, and Darius Morris.

Kobe seconded how nobody is entirely comfortable with the new systems on either side of the ball. And until they reach the point where everything becomes second nature and thought is no longer required, you will continue to see bumpy sequences. Such are the breaks of a learning curve.

For what it's worth, Pau was as unhappy about the lack of offensive and defensive execution as Laker fans were.

Despite acquitting himself nicely on the whole, Morris admitted he was a little nervous in his first NBA game.