Phil Jackson video: On Kobe, via Michael

More on today's conversations about shot distribution in the wake of Monday's loss in Memphis. I posted thoughts from Pau Gasol and Derek Fisher earlier. Here, Phil Jackson responds to a question about the career-long questioning of Kobe Bryant's shot selection by telling a story about Michael Jordan and the '91 Finals against the Lakers:

The moral of this particular tale- the team can achieve what the individual, no matter how brilliant, cannot- is clear, and earlier PJ emphasized the need for the ball to get inside with more consistency (click here for the video). In the same breath, though, Jackson chided his bigs for foul trouble, turnovers, and getting moved out of position, praised Memphis' defense, and said the process of establishing the paint is a teamwide obligation.

Moreover, when asked later if, generally speaking, Kobe has walked the "fine line" between selfishness and aggressiveness, Jackson said he had. And over the course of the season consistently challenged the rest of the roster to assert themselves more regularly on the floor. Balance in all things, it seems.

Except in the team's offense, which hasn't seen enough of it this season.

As for worries of brewing locker room dissension, nothing Pau said Monday after the game or Tuesday after practice is new. He's expressed himself before, and so has Andrew Bynum. Lamar Odom has talked about the team's versatility and abundance of talent beyond 24. It's all happened before, and they've been fine. I don't see why this "controversy" will be any different.