Podcast Question of the Day: Mike Brown and honeymoons

In the newest edition of The Forum, we join TrueHoop's Kevin Arnovitz asking what might happen should the Clippers get off to a mediocre start, given high expectations surrounding the team. Needless to say, a lot of the conversation centers around coach Vinny Del Negro and how long he would survive.

For LO'L purposes, it begs a few questions regarding Mike Brown. One we'll be discussing today on the podcast involves the "honeymoon" period coaches typically get after taking over a team. As a fan, how much wiggle room do you give Brown? Does he get a honeymoon?

I would think the circumstances under which he's working-- the lockout robbing him of contact with his players this offseason and shortening the preseason to implement his system, the Chris Paul trade debacle, losing Lamar Odom, Kobe's injury, etc.-- might work in his favor. Similar to Lane Kiffin when he took over at USC as NCAA sanctions were handed down, most people recognize Brown has been working under difficult circumstances beyond his control. In my mind, it removes at least some of the pressure.

But maybe I'm being too generous. Leave your comments below, or hit us back on Twitter. We'll try to use as many responses on the show as possible.