How many NBA players can fit in a Prius? Ask Josh McRoberts

New Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown tried to cram in a much as he could after finally taking over the reins this month after the lockout was lifted, going 19 straight days from the start of training camp on Dec. 9 until finally giving the team its first off day on Wednesday.

For free agent signee Josh McRoberts, who left his home in Indianapolis to join the team halfway through camp, it was a much-needed break to get his life together.

Prior to Wednesday, the 6-10, 240-pound McRoberts had been driving around town in a Toyota Prius that he borrowed from the director of public relations from the agency that represents him, BDA Sports.

Instead of cramming in the playbook, McRoberts and a couple teammates crammed into the Prius.

Murphy said that he drove his new teammates, the 6-11, 245-pound Troy Murphy as well as rookie guard Andrew Goudelock, to the Lakers’ preseason games at Staples Center in the Prius.

“It wasn’t that bad,” McRoberts said with a smile. “It was a smooth ride.”

The scene sounds like something straight out of a “Curb Your Enthusiam” plot, as Larry David has become an unofficial endorser of the hybrid car by driving it on the popular HBO sitcom.

Murphy has since found a rental car of his own and McRoberts is now driving a SUV, which he is renting as well.

McRoberts was also able to use the day to look for a place to stay in the South Bay after shacking up in a hotel that was walking distance from the Lakers’ practice facility in El Segundo, Calif. during his first several weeks with the team.

“It was absolute time,” Brown said before the Lakers played the New York Knicks on Thursday when asked about the off day. “I probably should have given them the day off before [that].

“Somebody told me it’s better to have guys that are fresh and ready to go out on the floor and perform and maybe not know as much, than you think you need to give them everything you know and have them mentally and physically fatigued.”

The Lakers play the Denver Nuggets in a home-road back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday to complete their initial stretch of six games in eight days to start the season.