Lakers Late Night Replay vs. Blazers

Whatever it is about that Portland water, the Lakers can't seem to drink some, then win a game in the Rose Garden. This was a disappointing loss, one that exposed some recurring weaknesses while offering some fresh new concerns. Among the talking points:

  • Matt Barnes, Devin Ebanks and Metta World Peace joined forces at small forward to offer absolutely nothing on either side of the ball. (On a related note, Blazer small forward Gerald Wallace enjoyed a monster game.) For that matter, nobody not named "Kobe," "Andrew," or "Pau" brought much to the table.

  • The defensive issues, whether in transition or preventing the likes of Ray Felton from splitting double teams on pick and roll coverage. Plus, that Jamal Crawford fella sure got hot in the fourth quarter.

  • The offensive slippage over the second half, and the difficulties creating shots along the perimeter. Is there a way to address this from within the roster?

  • Um... oh-fer from downtown?

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