Gerald Wallace out against the Lakers

The All-Star forward confirmed what Bobcats coach Larry Brown suspected before the game: He won't be able to suit up.

The issue is a left hamstring, which Wallace said he originally thought might have just been a cramp suffered during Monday night's game against the Portland Trail Blazers. "The more I kept playing, the tighter it kept getting," explained Wallace. "By the end of the game, I could barely walk."

Wallace doesn't expect to be out long. "I think it's just from muscle fatigue," reassured the forward. "Hopefully, I'll take the night off. We don't play again until Saturday. That'll give it some rest and I'll be back on the court on Saturday."

Because the hamstring already feels better now compared to Monday, Wallace isn't concerned the injury will linger. Thus, he doesn't expect his participation during All-Star weekend to be affected. For Lakers fans, this means the dunk contest showdown between him and former teammate Shannon Brown remains presumably on.