Lakers Poll: Which game interests you more, Miami or Orlando?

Generally speaking, any time Kobe Bryant and LeBron James walk on the same court it creates an enormous amount of hype and interest, meaning Thursday's game in Miami is prime time stuff. Add the first reunion (of sorts) between James and his former coach Mike Brown, and there's another level of intrigue.

Normally, this is Game of the Week type stuff.

Except less than 24 hours after Black Mamba vs. King James, the Lakers head to Orlando. There, all eyes will be aimed at the paint, with Andrew Bynum, Dwight Howard, and The Great Trade Speculation of '12. When next these teams meet, will the centers have swapped uniforms? I suspect many Lakers fans will be rooting for Bynum to outplay Howard, not because it could lead to a Lakers victory, but in the hope it might encourage Orlando to take Drew in a deal.

"Play well, so we can get someone better!" Kinda cold, but that's sports.

So I ask: If you could only pick one game to watch, which would it be?

Personally, I'll take Orlando (the likely lack of Dwyane Wade sucks some air from the Lakers/Heat balloon), but I can see the results of this one going either way.