PodKast: Jon Huertas, ABC's "Castle"

Earlier this week, we had a chance to speak with Jon Huertas, starring as Detective Javier Esposito on ABC's "Castle," now rolling through its fourth season (Mondays, 10 pm PT). He's an interesting guy, thanks not only to roles he's played but a background including eight years in the U.S. Air Force.

Huertas' insight as a genuine military veteran who has played military roles on Hollywood was a central focus of the conversation, but we covered a lot of ground.

Click here to listen to the whole show. For a breakdown of topics, click below the jump.

-1:00- What makes 'Castle' work? Why has that show succeeded where others have failed?

-5:45- On being a musical theatre major while serving in the Air Force, attending school through the G.I. Bill.

-8:45- On the portrayal of the military in Hollywood. What they get right, what they get wrong.

-10:30- On working with David Simon on HBO's 'Generation Kill,' which received 11 Emmy nominations, including three wins.

-14:00- Huertas works with a great charity called Puppies Behind Bars, in which inmates train service dogs for wounded servicemen.