Lakers Late Night Replay vs. Clippers, plus postgame video

The Lakers got themselves back in the win column Wednesday night in a very important game, beating the Clippers 96-91 at Staples. Behold the Lakers Late Night replay below. Among the topics of conversation:

  • The very tangible rivalry between the Clippers and Lakers, and why the NBA owes this city a playoff run between the two squads.

  • A big game for Pau Gasol. He talked the talk, and Wednesday he walked the walk.

  • Huge contributions from Metta World Peace and Andrew Goudelock.

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Check below the jump for postgame video from Gasol, Mike Brown, Goudelock, Josh McRoberts, and Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant, on the performances of Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace, plus the overall physicality of the game.

Very interesting comments from Kobe about Pau and MWP playing like "who you are."

Kobe, on Gasol and the Lakers' energy:

Kobe, on the chippiness of the game and the benefit of Tuesday's full practice:

Mike Brown on Metta World Peace:

Brown on Gasol's game Wednesday night, and calling more plays for him:

Brown, on his philosophy on using Gasol:

Gasol, on having his number called more often:

Gasol, on his run in with Chris Paul at the end of the game:

Gasol, on the chippiness of the game with the Clips:

Andrew Goudelock, on Brown finally pronouncing his name correctly, and getting more PT:

Josh McRoberts on his ejection and the technical fouls called. He was also lucky to avoid injury while giving his postgame interview:

McRoberts on his energy, physicality, Gasol's performance and the benefit of Tuesday's practice:

iframe width="560" height="340" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/tjmyQcKCNrs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>