Lakers Late Night Replay vs. Boston

There's a very good chance Thursday's game was the last page in the most recent chapter of the storied Lakers/Celtics rivalry, given how much change could be coming to each team and the long odds for either team -- let alone both -- to make this year's Finals.

If so, the teams went out with, if not a bang (tough to use that word in an overtime game where neither squad hits the 90-point mark), a hard fought, tightly contested 53 minutes of basketball reflecting their recent history. Lakers win 88-87, evening their record on the Grammy trip at 2-2 and opening the door to a strong finish ahead of wholly winnable games in New York and Toronto.

We touched on all this, and the following, during tonight's Lakers Late Night:

  • A big night for L.A.'s Big Three, at once reinforcing the team's top end strength (good) and all the issues with the middle and bottom parts (not good).

  • The return of Steve Blake, and what it means.

  • Andy's cat, and her first LLN appearance of the season.

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