Lakers sound for your listening pleasure

Two bits from 710 Radio to pass along today:

  • First, I joined Mychal Thompson and Brian Long for LA Sports Live's Road 2 Repeat segment. We talk about injuries to Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum, and whether or not Kobe is risking his health over the remainder of the season if he doesn't rest now. From there, it's a question (or questions) of balance. What does it mean in L.A.'s offense? It goes deeper than simple shot totals. How the ball moves around the floor and how many hands touch it in the process of creating looks is important as well.

  • Mason and Ireland talk to Jalen Rose about diametrically opposite results Friday at home against the Nuggets then Saturday in Portland.

  • More from Mason and Ireland, who speak with former Laker Byron Scott (also coached a little around the league if memory serves) about how teams address the absence of injured stars- Kobe, for example- and whether or not the Clippers job seems appealing. Given how Scott's name is consistently tossed around as a potential replacement for Phil Jackson, what he does in the interim is of interest locally. Personally, I don't think Scott will still be available when PJ finally hangs it up.