Lakers Late Night Replay vs. Utah, plus postgame video

It's been a while since the Lakers had a clunker at home. Sunday's loss to Utah certainly qualifies.

On tonight's edition of Lakers Late Night, we hit on all the high points:

  • Turnovers. The Lakers gave the ball away 24 times. What gives?

  • A brutal shooting night for Kobe Bryant (3-of-20) and a cartoonishly efficient one from Andrew Bynum (12-of-14 en route to 33 points) led to interesting postgame comments from Mike Brown about touches and the nature of the team's shot selection, and then to a debate between the two of us. What should happen on a night where Kobe is taking good shots -- and generally speaking he did Sunday night -- and not overdoing it, but missing anyway? What should the team's offense look like?

  • Ramon Sessions vs. Steve Blake. Is it a problem Brown plans on starting Blake for the forseeable future?

All this, plus a poor display of geographical knowledge from yours truly.

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Click below for more video from Brown on offensive balance, Kobe's shot selection, and getting touches for Andrew Bynum. Plus comments from Pau Gasol. Both talk about the team's recent slippage defensively.

Brown on Bryant's shots Sunday night. "The bottom line is he's our guy. The shots he took, I'd give it to him again. I don't know how many shots he missed near the rim -- I mean, point blank shots. So for me, the shots he took, he's our guy. i'll play that game all over again, and have him shoot the same ones and if he goes 3-for-20, then he goes 3-for-20.":

Brown on Bynum's touches, and how many shots he can get over the course of a game. "He will only get so many shots a game because every time he touches the basketball, he's going to get doubled. So he's going to have to kick the ball out sometimes, (and) somebody else is going to have to make a play. But when you're a big, it's easy to take a big out of the game. So for him to score 33 points when he got doubled and tripled on almost every possession, it's a testament."

Brown on the team's defensive slippage: "We have to get back to committing on the defensive end of the floor and not giving up easy buckets or not giving up baskets the way we have been. For those guys to shoot over 47 percent on us and score 103 points, that's mind boggling for us defensively."

Gasol, on the turnovers Sunday night:

Gasol on defensive slippage: