Lakers Late Night Replay vs. Dallas

Now that's a little more like it!

On tonight's show, a happier edition than Tuesday's video extravaganza to say the least, we covered the following:

  • Ramon Sessions, and why he ought to be put in the starting lineup despite doing great work entering with the second unit. It's an easier argument to make after a night like tonight (Sessions was +28 in 29 minutes, Steve Blake -9 in 17 minutes) but the logic would be the same even if Blake didn't have a nothin' game.

  • Kobe Bryant broke out of his mini-shooting slump, taking advantage of Shawn Marion's absence to go 11-of-18 from the floor, en route to 30 points. What was different about tonight?

  • Andrew Bynum. He did good work passing out of constant double teams in the post, but seemed irritated all night, got T'd up again (that's three in two days) and is treading in dangerous waters insofar as his relationship with officials goes. If he's not yet someone who will get slapped with reputation techs, he's on his way.

All that, plus a crying baby!

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Also, we didn't get a chance to talk about it, but this happened:

Sick, sick, sick.