Lakers Late Night Replay vs. Golden State, plus postgame video

The bad news? Andrew Bynum went down with what appears to be (fingers crossed) a relatively minor injury. The good news? Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Ramon Sessions led the scoring charge in Drew's absence, while the supporting cast all found ways to contribute.

Final result: The Lakers took down the Warriors by the score of 120-112.

On Sunday's Lakers Late Night we hit on the following:

  • Bynum's injury. What happens if he's out a few games?

  • Another bum game for the Lakers defensively, a trend that needs fixing if the Lakers are to have any sort of playoff future.

  • Bryant rebounded well from his horrible shooting game Saturday. Not that he was surprised. As for an explanation of why people might doubt his ability to bounce back, Kobe's answer was simple. "We are all surrounded by idiots."

  • Gasol had a very big game, stepping into the low post void created by Bynum's exit. For Gasol to put up big numbers when involved heavily in the offense shouldn't surprise anyone, but it's a reminder of the role he's been asked to play this year, and how challenging it is.

  • Sessions. He's fast, and he gets to the line.

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Click below for more postgame video, from Kobe, Gasol, Sessions, and Mike Brown...

Kobe, on Sessions being assertive offensively and his bounceback game:

Bryant, on shooting well against Golden State, and whether he was thinking at all about his bad numbers Saturday:

Bryant, on the improvement of Bynum and sacrifice of Gasol:

Sessions on his coast to coast drive to finish the first half:

Sessions, on his adjustment period, and lanes opening up:

Brown, on Sunday's win including Gasol's play, Kobe's shooting, and more:

Brown on Sessions, Metta World Peace:

Pau Gasol on picking up in Andrew Bynum's absence:

Gasol on Bynum, Sessions and the way his role can change: