Lakers Late Night Replay vs. Clippers, plus postgame video

Once again, the Lakers and Clippers put on a show, and for the second time in three tries the Lakers came out on top, winning 113-108 Wednesday night at Staples Center. With the victory, the Lakers take the season series, and put themselves in very strong position to take the Pacific Division and the third seed in the Western Conference.

A pair of Blake Griffin dunks will dominate the highlights, but there was a lot more to cover, starting with a huge night from Andrew Bynum. 36 points, most of them coming at the expense of DeAndre Jordan, and 31 from that Kobe guy. We hit on all that, and insert a little vintage Bill Bixby for good measure on Wednesday's edition (Thursday morning, technically) of Lakers Late Night.

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Click below for a boatload of postgame video, from Kobe Bryant, Mike Brown, Pau Gasol, Ramon Sessions, and more...

Kobe Bryant on the win over the Clippers, Andrew Bynum and Ramon Sessions:

Bryant, on Sessions and the Clippers' physicality:

Andrew Bynum on the win over the Clippers:

Ramon Sessions on the rivalry with the Clippers:

Metta World Peace on his defense and defending Chris Paul:

Gasol on challenging Griffin's second dunk:

Gasol, on playing against Griffin, his reaction to the dunks:

Gasol on the possibility of Griffin, at some point in some game, prompting a bad reaction from an opponent because of his style:

Brown, on Griffin dunk, seeding:

Brown on putting Metta World Peace on Chris Paul late, and more:

Brown on the Clippers game, Kobe's late heroics: