We have your back, D-Fish

Tuesday afternoon in El Segundo, Derek Fisher was asked if he had given any tips to Shannon Brown ahead of Saturday's dunk contest. "I don't even know what the air smells like up there," he laughed. "The guys who pay rent up that high, I'll let them worry about that."

Fair to say these days his game is pretty horizontal. Still, there were once days when Fish was something of a high (higher?) flier. Does he have any mementos? A photo in his wallet? "No," he said, "but I wish I did, becuase my step-son does not believe for one second that I used to regularly dunk on people, and I can't find any footage, either."

Well, D-Fish, given how money you've been over the years for the Lakers, the city, and media types like myself, it only seems fair to help you out. Because not only is there footage, but ample footage. Start with this clip from the '01 Finals. What's The Answer? How 'bout Derek Fisher crushing A.I.?

Or, if you prefer, Fisher over Shawn Bradley, Fisher punking the Rockets, and my personal fave, Fisher throwing down strong with the left over some guy in summer league action back in '96.

So there you have it. How do you like them apples, Derek Fisher's step-son?