Lakers Late Night Replay vs. San Antonio, plus postgame videos

It was a close game for a while, and then it wasn't, and then it was over.

The Lakers lose 112-91 Tuesday to the Spurs, snapping a four game winning streak and tightening the race for the Pacific Division crown.

On tonight's LLN, we go over what went wrong (that awful second half of the second quarter, for starters), and the now tighter race for the Pacific Division. That, plus the lack of useful takeaways after two regular season tussles between the Lakers and Spurs, Benny Hill style head slapping, and the silliness of what surely will be headlines/discussions Wednesday indicating how Tuesday's loss proves the naysayers wrong, that the Lakers really do need Kobe Bryant.

Really, who were those naysayers, and how many of them are there? Like, four? Who really thinks the Lakers are better -- genuinely better -- without Kobe?

Be sure to check out postgame videos from Metta World Peace, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum below the jump.

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Pau Gasol on playing without Kobe Bryant, the Spurs loss and turnovers:

Metta World Peace on the Spurs loss and turnovers:

Andrew Bynum on the Spurs loss, turnovers and Tony Parker: