Lakers Late Night replay vs. San Antonio

On the plus side, Kobe Bryant returned to the court and didn't re-injure his shin. From there, positives are pretty much exhausted. The Spurs absolutely shredded the Lakers in every facet of the game, but especially defensively. The Lakers couldn't stop the Spurs in transition. They couldn't stop the Spurs at the 3-point line. They couldn't stop pick-and-pop/roll. They couldn't stop baskets in the paint. And they absolutely couldn't stop Tony Parker, who encored Tuesday's 29 point/13 assist performance in L.A. with 20 points and 10 dimes in under 30 minutes.

That Mamba-less blowout win on April 11 feels like 100 years ago, now.

We talk about the defensive failings, a poor night for Ramon Sessions, and more in Friday's edition of LLN.

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