The Lakers will open the playoffs Sunday (officially)

I'm fairly sure the Lakers haven't kicked off an opening round playoff series on anything but a Sunday since Eisenhower patrolled the Oval Office, so everyone was pretty sure they would, once again, start this year's postseason on Sunday. Today, the NBA released its schedule for Game 1's across the league, and it's official:

The Lakers will play Game 1 Sunday at Staples, against either Denver or Dallas.

It'll be a big day for L.A. hoops, as the Clips will also kick off their playoff run Sunday against Memphis, location to be determined pending the result of tonight's game between the Grizzlies and Orlando. If Memphis wins, they get the Western Conference's fourth seed and will host Game 1. In other Western Conference news, Saturday's games will include San Antonio hosting Utah, and the Thunder welcoming either the Nuggets or Mavs.