Chat transcript!

This being the first chat since the Lakers' season ended, there were predictably lot of questions in play. Who stays? Who goes? Is Mike Brown the right coach? Will Kobe Bryant restructure his deal to allow the Lakers more flexibility while retooling the roster?

The answer to question #4 is "no," because that's not legal for NBA contracts. This is worth separate clarification even before directing folks to the chat room link, because we're constantly asked this question. Can't happen. Won't happen. Dead issue. And as long as we're killing this approach, Kobe also can't be amnestied, then quickly resigned to the veteran's minimum while still getting his original money. Any amnestied player cannot rejoin his former team until the duration of the original contract ends. In other words, Kobe could wouldn't be a Laker again until the 2014-2015 season. Probably not what those making the suggestion had in mind.

As for questions 1-3 (and more), click on the aforementioned link.