PodKast: The 2011-12 season in review

The 2011-12 season is in the books, and once again the Lakers have been dispatched rather quickly in the second round of the playoffs.

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To quote the Double Rainbow guy, "What does this mean? Aaaaaaaaaagh!"

Saying the Lakers started the season under a sad gray cloud is an understatement, with the lockout, the scuttled Chris Paul trade, and the loss of Lamar Odom. All of it put the team behind the eight ball. Adding the change in systems under Mike Brown, the total lack of practice, and a brutal early schedule only made things worse. On the other hand, the Lakers still had a Big Three most teams would envy, and Kobe Bryant was healthier than he'd been in years. A top heavy roster, maybe, but not hardly devoid of talent.

So after a brief discussion over the merits of Jim Morrison as a lyricist, we ask whether the Lakers underachieved, overachieved, or were what they should have been. (7:00)

From there, we look at this week's exit interviews. Did Pau Gasol seem like a guy who thought he'd be back? (14:00) Would the Lakers want him back, given his contract and the shrinking role he plays offensively? Could he be used more effectively? Then there's Andrew Bynum. We play some great sound from his interview Wednesday talking about leadership, and how he needs to improve (18:45) . After, it's on to other members of the roster. Who stays, and who goes?

Call it a table setter ahead of what could be a very, very busy offseason.