You Google "Kobe Bryant" more often than Kobe does

Because, as I learned in a terrific GQ Magazine profile by J.R. Moehringer, Kobe doesn't Google himself.

At all.

When asked if net surfing ever includes attempts to find himself online, the often unflappable Kobe responded like the inquiry involved checking out snuff films for funsies:

    "Eeew, I'd be a little uncomfortable Googling myself. People sit there—and Google themselves? That's kind of weird."

I guess Kobe would regard me as a weirdo (or an outcast or a loose cannon), because like the general public's majority, I'd be lying if I claimed to have never gone there.

Granted, my reasons for self-Googling aren't purely narcissistic.

For example, I'm often checking to see how effectively Google's search engine picks up new articles Brian or I write. That serves a very tangible, professional purpose. Or to find older articles we've written to either relink or just reread to see how well they've aged over time (and by extension, gauge my growth as a writer). And, yes, to occasionally see if the blog, PodKast and our radio work is being mentioned by fans or our media contemporaries, which I guess could be construed as insecure and/or vain.

Then again, I'm still carving out a space in my profession and still have a fair amount of room to grow. Kobe The Non-Self-Googler, on the other hand, has already established an iron-clad legacy, his only uncertainties details like whether he ends up a consensus ninth-best, fifth-best or best player to ever pick up a Spalding. Were my stature comparable to 24's, I'd surf the net purely to find gems like our old friend hereand call it a day. But it's not comparable, so forgive me if my cyberspace habits come across a little needier than the Mamba's.

There are more interesting tidbits in the article about the perception of Kobe matching the reality, his attention to detail (which can include peripheral birthdays) and what it's like riding in his chopper.

For readers with kiddos, the article has some "adult" language, so please be aware. Nothing vulgar, but just so everyone is in the loop.

Thanks to True Hoop's always observant Henry Abbott for the heads up.