PodKast: The draft, free agency and tampering

We recorded this show between the draft and free agency's official start, a few days ahead of the Nets' dramatic, Dwight Howard-free makeover. Obviously, the NBA landscape has already dramatically changed, but the topics and concerns expressed remain as relevant. That's just how talented BK and I are.

The podcast can be heard by clicking on the module, and a list of talking points can seen below:

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- (2:05): We break down the Lakers' draft haul (Darius Johnson-Odom, Robert Sacre), along with Mitch Kupchak's attempts to move up in the draft. Shockingly, his attempt to move small forward/Vancouver weatherman/Twitter addict Metta World Peace for a first-round draft pick bore no fruit. For that matter, an attempt to move Gasol for a high pick and established talent left the Lakers at square one.

- (12:00): Free agency is underway and the Lakers will be weighing options. Unfortunately, those choices are quite limited, making their own guys (Ramon Sessions, Jordan Hill, Devin Ebanks) the most realistic priority. In particular, Sessions will be difficult to replace on the open market, even acknowledging his weaknesses.

- (18:47): Bottom line, how much better can the front office really make the Lakers next season? And how will fans react if the answer is "not much?" After all, it's hard to question the commitment, whether by money spent or results, toward winning over the last few seasons. Either way, how will Kobe Bryant handle potentially playing the next two seasons on a team that's competitive, but not a legitimate contender?

- (24:30): What's up with all these top names (Deron Williams, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash) seemingly disinclined to join the Lakers?

- (29:18): With Dirk Nowitzki publicly recruiting D.Will to join the Mavericks while still technically a Net, we debate what constitutes "tampering."