PodKast: Steve Nash is a Laker!!!

Brian and I both work hard. We look forward to our time off. When I'm officially away, it takes a lot to pull me back into that world, even for a little while.

Safe to say, Steve Nash becoming a Laker qualifies as "a lot."

Thus, I briefly interrupted my vacation in St. Louis visiting family and friends for a PodKast with BK to break down what it means to have the future Hall of Famer in purple and gold. The show can be heard by clicking on the module, and a breakdown of talking points is below.

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After establishing just how flippin' hot my week in St. Louis has been, I share my reaction when I first heard the news about this trade. Just like Phil Jackson when he heard Kwame Brown was flipped for Pau Gasol, I didn't believe it. Between Nash's reticence towards joining the Lakers and Robert Sarver's predictable reluctance to make deals with a heated divisional rival, this scenario felt improbable.

• Landing Nash in and of itself is great, but to acquire him without gutting the roster in the process? That's huge.

• On paper, Nash and Kobe Bryant make for a dynamite backcourt, with each guard's strengths complementing the other's rather nicely. In reality, you've got two guys very used to having the ball in their hands, which means adjustments are inevitable. However, Brian and I remain very confident in the finished product once the kinks are ironed out.

• Between Kobe, Nash and Gasol, you've got the foundation for one very brainy basketball team. And in Kobe and Nash, you've got a yin/yang leadership style mirroring how the team thrived under Bryant and Derek Fisher.

• Does the addition of Nash's salary mean the subtraction Metta World Peace's via amnesty? Particularly if Nash's free agent buddy Grant Hill is also successfully recruited to L.A., presumably for less dough?

• How will the roster continue to shape out from here? Does Nash's arrival increase or decrease the odds Gasol and/or Andrew Bynum remaining a Laker?

• And finally, the $64,000 question: Where is the Lakers' place in the NBA hierarchy with Nash on board?