Antawn Jamison: Grateful to be with the Lakers (video)

Wednesday afternoon in El Segundo, Antawn Jamison put pen to legally dense paper and officially became a Laker. Fair to say he was very pleased to have done so.

Reinforcing nearly ubiquitous reports about the quality of his character and solid influence in the locker room, Jamison spoke in glowing terms about the opportunity in front of him, and the desire to contribute to a winning team. He talked about coach Mike Brown, of his own defensive reputation, and more, but if one quote summarizes why he jumped at the chance to play in L.A. over other more lucrative financial opportunities, it's this:

"The type of career I've had, as an individual, it hasn't been bad, but as a team standpoint, it hasn't been good. And to come into this situation and know that every game, every practice, every film session, this is what it's all about. To be in this situation for me, I've been through the bad, now it's time to be a part of things that really matter."

On to the video...

Jamison, on the process of choosing the Lakers and the opportunity in front of him:

On his defense, which he freely acknowledges hasn't been a strong suit throughout his career. Jamison vowed, however, not to be a "weak link" for the Lakers, and said playing games of consequence with highly motivated teammates will definitely have a positive impact. Dennis Rodman, he is not, but hopefully Jamison can avoid being a liability. Still, it's enough of a question mark that even general manager Mitch Kupchak joked about his less-than-stellar reputation on that end of the floor during his opening remarks. But that Jamison didn't shy away from questions nor sugarcoat answers about that part of his game is definitely a positive thing.

On Brown, and his time in Cleveland. Like most of Brown's players, he speaks highly of the coach's attention to detail.

On the "stretch 4" role on the Lakers:

On the lure of playing with the Lakers: