PodKast: One crazy summer, LA vs. the NBA, Bynum remembered, and Twitter mailbag

If idle hands do the devil's work, the Lakers have been saints this summer.

The moves have been bold and plentiful. Steve Nash then Antawn Jamison then Dwight Howard, with Jodie Meeks and a re-signed Jordan Hill tossed in for good measure. In the process, the Lakers went from barely relevant in the championship conversation (the "barely" due more to Kobe Bryant's star power and the cache of the franchise than any realistic title shot) to smack dab in the middle of it. Maybe even leading. If you made a list of shortcomings for the Lakers after last year -- outside shooting, shot creation, point guard, defense bench depth -- the Lakers have managed to address each one.

They're still not perfect (no team is) but the transformation has been stunning. We start the show admitting how little we believed this sort of thing would be possible when the curtain fell on the '10-'11 campaign. (2:30)

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-From there, it's on to where the Lakers stand relative to other powerhouses across the league. Are they better than Oklahoma City? Granted, it's early (pre-early, really) but how do the matchups look right now? (10:30)

-So what does all of this mean for Mike Brown? Obviously the pressure ratchets up with the now sky-high expectations, and almost by definition puts Brown on the hot seat. On the other hand, when is the seat for L.A.'s head coach ever cold? What challenges does he face going forward? (22:30)

-Reflecting on Andrew Bynum, including some clips from his introductory press conference in Philadelphia. (28:00)

-Finally, we bust open ESPNLandOLakers Twitter mailbag! Questions were sent, questions were answered. Was yours among them? (34:00)