Watch Pau Gasol talk about Robert Sacre as if he's not in the room

LOS ANGELES -- Among the stars of Saturday's Lakers preseason loss to the Jazz was Robert Sacre, whose nine-point/10-rebound/three-block/limitless-hustle performance marked the latest example of "Mr. Irrelevant" capitalizing on the unavailability of Dwight Howard and Jordan Hill. Thus, a slew of media types predictably swarmed after the game around his locker, which happens to be next to Pau Gasol's, who eventually made his way through the sea of bodies to take a seat and address questions of his own. Before Sacre could even move, Gasol was peppered with questions about Sacre ... with the lad still sitting there.

Strangely, nobody beyond me and BK (who you can hear giggling in the video below), seemed to recognize the hilarious awkwardness unfolding. I mean, asking Pau if he could picture Sacre helping the team with the kid not even six inches away is essentially a Saturday Night Live skit. Upon Pau affirming Sacre's ability to help, Brian then asked if he would answer the question differently were the rookie not within earshot. Everyone laughed, the players shared a few yuks over the absurdity of the situation ... then Pau was immediately offered another question about Sacre.

Occasionally, an NBA locker room emerges a goldmine of unintentional comedy.