New K Bros Land O' Lakers PodKast: Lakers-Celtics, injuries, trade deadline, John Hollinger

What's a weekend without a new Kamenetzky Brothers Land O' Lakers PodKast? A weekend capable of making people actually like Mondays by comparison. And since we'd never subject our loyal readership to such a fate, here ya go.

-(1:40): Brian and I discuss Thursday's Kobe-less but very entertaining loss to the Boston Celtics. This was the kind of game where Mamba's absence was particularly felt, between the sluggish offense and the backcourt struggles of Derek Fisher and Shannon Brown. Having said that, it was oddly reminiscent of January's win in Boston, which actually makes it a tough barometer for judging how they play an elite opponent without 24.

-(7:28): Earlier this week, we talked with Ronny Turiaf about the reasons injuries often beget more injuries. Well, Sasha Vujacic's Grade-1 shoulder sprain -- which could force him to miss some action -- compounds what's becoming a serious issue for the Lakers. They're running short on healthy bodies, especially on the wing. Somehow, this prompted a discussion of the Jean-Claude Van Damme film "Sudden Death."

-(13:58): Trade deadline action and inaction is analyzed with ESPN.com's statistical mastermind John Hollinger, who also offers thoughts on the Lakers playing without Kobe and the Mamba-King James comparisons. If you want to just hear the interview with Hollinger, click here.

-(26:37): The K Bros may be the only two people on the planet who've yet to see "Avatar." We're both mildly curious about the visuals, but can't stomach the running time and James Cameron dialogue. I offer a solution.