PodKast: D's Antoni, fence and Morris

As we roll in to Thursday's Thanksgiving holiday, many Lakers fans are thankful for a team finally appearing to be on the right track. Four wins in five tries, including Tuesday's 95-90 victory over Brooklyn. The coach is in place, the system is getting installed, and a sense of normalcy is returning to El Segundo.

So what happens now? That's one of the topics kicked around in the newest Kamenetzky Brothers podcast.

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  • How legitimate are concerns the Lakers can't be a good defensive team long term under Mike D'Antoni? What do the Lakers have in common with your average college freshman? (4:00)

  • Why did D'Antoni's teams struggle on that end of the floor in New York, and what's different about L.A.? (7:15)

  • Darius Morris may have had a tough night Tuesday, but overall has shown some promise. (16:00)

  • Antawn Jamison has been a major disappointment thus far. We explain why Pau Gasol might want him to pick it up. (19:45)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.