PodKast: Kobe's game winners, Pau's brother problem, and Jeanie's brilliant plan

Depending on your point of view, the fact we recorded before Wednesday's loss to Dallas could be good or bad. On the one hand, it means we don't get to examine what went wrong. (Not that it wasn't covered by us, not that we didn't pass along the thoughts of others.)

On the other, why dwell?

Instead, it's all about Kobe Bryant's heroics from Tuesday night in Memphis. Happier times. Salad days. Or at the very least salad-ier. (It's not like the Lakers exactly lit up the Grizz, but at least the game had a happy ending.) We kick off the show breaking down which of Kobe's six game winners- we include the hoist putting the Lakers ahead against the Mavs back on January 13- was the best, referencing this poll. Because we're all about democracy.

From there, it's a discussion of "clutch," ranging from Kobe to Robert Horry to Derek Fisher.

Then, we open the Twitter Mailbag to answer a question about Pau Gasol. Does he need to be "reconstructed" by Phil Jackson? Bigger, faster, stronger, like the Six Million Dollar Man? Either way, he probably does need a little help matching up with his lil' bro Marc. He doesn't like it, and it shows. Should the Lakers and Grizzlies meet in the first round- could happen- will this be a problem?

Finally, we break down the brilliant idea of Jeanie Buss to add some much-needed life to the All-Star Game. Who wants to draft some millionaires?

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