Bryant, Nash back shooting on the court

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- It's been seven months since Kobe Bryant underwent Achilles surgery and just three days since Steve Nash received an epidural injection to alleviate nerve root irritation in his back and hamstring, but both of the future Hall of Famers now find themselves at similar stages of their rehabilitation: shooting drills.

"He keeps progressing," Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni said of Bryant after the team's shootaround Friday in preparation for the Memphis Grizzlies. "I think he's on the court a little bit more, taking shots and stuff. So, he keeps getting better."

Bryant was already able to undergo some set shooting during training camp, but D'Antoni said that the attempts have started to look more like game-ready jump shots recently.

"Maybe a little bit more than tippy-toe," D'Antoni said. "I look out [at Bryant working out] every once in awhile. I haven't heard back that he's ready to practice or anything like that. So, he's just progressing. I think it's better than yesterday, but I don't know yet [when Bryant will return to practice]."

The Lakers have not updated Bryant's return timetable, which was originally set at 6-9 months when he tore his Achilles in April.

Nash got back on the court Thursday, which was an off day for the team following back-to-back games against New Orleans and in Denver. He continued with further shooting Friday, working on mid-range jump shots with Lakers development coach Larry Lewis. Nash will be out a minimum of two weeks, according to the Lakers, making his earliest return date Nov. 26 in Washington.