There has been conversation, will there be a little more action?

Losers of two straight, the frustrated Lakers didn't so much practice Sunday outside Orlando as hold a proverbial state of the state meeting. (As opposed to the state of The State.) As he said he might after Friday's loss to Charlotte, Kobe Bryant had a few choice words. Reports Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles.com:

"...While the discussion began in strategy, Bryant interjected his thoughts about desire. "We were working on some of the principles and [Bryant] brought up a notion of determination," (Phil) Jackson said. "There's a willfulness that you have to have in this game and there's also a flexibility and the willfulness carries the day most of the time, about 80 percent of the time. There's strategy and then there's getting the job done." When asked if his message to his teammates was well received, a stoic Bryant said, "I don't give a [expletive]. ... It was received..."

Jackson made it clear Bryant wasn't the only player speaking, which is important. They have a team problem, and the team needs to be engaged in fixing it. As to whether or not it'll matter, we'll all find out Sunday afternoon against the Magic (11:30 am PT, ABC).