Byron Scott on rookie Julius Randle:
'I thought he was lost'

LOS ANGELES -- Julius Randle's debut at Staples Center didn't exactly go smoothly, but Los Angeles Lakers coach Byron Scott expected that from his 19-year-old rookie.

"I thought he was lost, in the first half especially," Scott said. "I thought in the second half, especially in the fourth quarter he was better, but I thought in the first half the game was way too fast for him.

"He's a 19-year-old playing against a good team like that and moves the ball the way they move and have 4s that are agile and athletic like he is? Yeah, I pretty much expected that."

Randle finished with 12 points on 4-of-12 shooting and had seven rebounds and five assists in a little over 18 minutes in the 120-105 loss to the Golden State Warriors. In the first half, however, he made only one of his five attempts.

"On the offensive end I was hesitating and I wasn't taking what the defense was giving me," Randle said. "And on the defensive end I was being a little bit too aggressive. I wanted to get up and disrupt their rhythm, but it took me out of my rhythm and I have to learn how to adjust. Games are being called tight and I was playing a little too aggressive."

Kobe Bryant, who made his NBA debut when he was 18, said Randle's reluctance on both ends of the floor is normal, and Bryant has been working with Randle on getting acclimated to playing in the NBA.

"He's getting his feet wet," Bryant said. "He's still getting used to the NBA game and the speed of the game. The biggest thing for me is to see him trust his jump shot because at this stage of his career it's important for him to start working on expanding his game early -- facing up and shooting the ball."