Tuesday's number: 18.8, plus a touch of Lakers audio

This would be the average number of points the Lakers have surrendered off turnovers in March. Up from 15.4 in February, and up even more from 13.6 in January. For those newer to the game and perhaps unfamiliar with its subtleties, the goal is to make that number go the other direction.

The Lakers are coming off a seven giveaway day Sunday in Orlando. If that stingy squad takes the floor tonight, a potentially explosive Raptors squad won't get any extra help putting the ball in the bucket. Given Toronto's defensive deficiencies, that could be enough snap the Three Game Losing Streak Heard Round the World.

(Figures courtesy of Elias)

Andy previewed tonight's action earlier in the day with Sam Holako of Raptors Republic, and to continue getting ready, here's one more piece of completely self-serving ear candy... my segment today on the Lakers Road 2 Repeat with LA Sports Live on 710 Radio.