New PodKast: R.I.P. "Pau era" streak, offense, and Real World: ESPN NBA Writers

I'm not gonna lie. This was recorded in a rather punchy state. But mutual sleep deprivation will never result in depriving listeners of purple and gold analysis. The Kamenetzky brothers: Where caring happens.

-(2:24): The Real World: ESPN NBA Writers! This is the (not) true story of seven writers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped. To find out what happens when people stop being polite and start purposely distracting Marc Stein as he counts the wins accumulated during the now-defunct "Pau era" streak...

(Not quite the ratings gold of Puck's antics, but ESPN is family-friendly and would cast housemates with a different M.O. than MTV.)

-(6:25): We circle the wagons back to the Lakers, who entered Tuesday's game against Toronto having dropped three games and playing anything but (one hopes) their best basketball. The skid ended, but while still playing largely unimpressive ball.

Contrary to popular belief, generally speaking, the issue isn't the defense. It's the offense. Compared to past championship teams, this year's Laker O is considerably lower in wattage due to bad shooting, execution, fewer free throws earned, turnovers, etc. Is there enough time for the Lakers to meet their theoretical potential? Sure, but the hourglass is low on sand and it's not always clear the team is urgently aware of the problem.

-(26:50): Forget best overall record in the NBA. Is there any chance the Lakers could lose their hold on the Western Conference? Brian and I doubt Dallas will lap L.A., but it no longer being an absurd question speaks to the need for cranking things up a notch. We also concur with J.A. Adande's opinion the Lakers have been given a long benefit of the doubt now just starting to go away.

And finally, the song I referred to from the NBA Kia commercial is called "It's On," by Jasper James. Available on iTunes. Trust me. I know.