Lakers' Scott claims Instagram account was hacked

Byron Scott said his social media accounts are for only "positive and uplifting things." Jennifer Stewart/USA TODAY Sports

LOS ANGELES -- In the wake of recent comments made on Los Angeles Lakers head coach Byron Scott's Instagram account, in which Scott appeared to challenge a fan to a fight, Scott claimed his account was compromised and the comments were made by someone else.

Scott said he wasn't sure who made the comments and that he doesn't manage the account, but he said those close to him who do manage the account have told him that the issue has been resolved.

"I don't deal with that electronic stuff and the technology of today, I'm not real up on [it]," Scott said before the 9-37 Lakers faced the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday at Staples Center. "But I guess I'll ask them a little bit more what's going on with my Instagram and Facebook and all that other stuff."

Scott's response comes after a photo showing Scott boxing in what appeared to be a gym was posted on his account last week. The photo has since been deleted.

One commenter seemed to challenge Scott to a fight, and whoever was in control of Scott's account replied to that person with messages that included, "bring it" and "And show your face, don't hide."

Scott said it was relayed to him what was said on his account.

"When I got to reading it, I said, ‘That kind of sounds like me,'" Scott said with a smile.

The following message was posted on Scott's Instagram account Tuesday: "As you know through all of the social media stuff, there was someone that got my password to respond back to a fan as if it were me. That would never happen from my end. We have gotten it corrected. My social media is only for positive and uplifting things only! God Bless Lakers nation & have a great day!"