Kurt Rambis on Kobe Bryant

Still waiting on news regarding Andrew Bynum, who left Friday's 104-96 win over the Timberwolves in the third quarter with a strained left Achilles tendon. Once fresh news is available, we'll pass it along. In the meantime, after the game Minnesota coach Kurt Rambis had some interesting comments about Kobe Bryant and his continuing excellence, despite mounting years in the NBA:

"He continues to evolve his game. There are so many players that play in this league as they get older and the miles start adding up on their legs, they continue to try and do the same things that they were doing when they were in their twenties. Using their speed and their quickness and their athleticism. If they don't learn how to adjust to their declining physical skills, then they ahve a hard time competing. But he's just so smart- he adjusts his game, he studies tape, he watches personnel, he sees how people are defending him. He just methodically picks you apart. He doesn't have the same pop he had several years ago, but the effectiveness is still there because he thinks the game."

"It's a credit to him... He's just a brilliant basketball player."