Ron Artest diagnosed with a concussion

In a statement earlier today, Lakers PR said after Sunday's loss against the Cavs, forward Ron Artest suffered a fall in his home that required medical attention, including stitches to his head and elbow and a CT scan. More news now from El Segundo about the diagnosis, and it's not ideal:

EL SEGUNDO- Ron Artest was examined today in Los Angeles by a neurologist. Diagnosis from his examination showed that Artest did suffer a concussion in last night’s fall. Artest’s condition has improved since last night; however, he will continue to see a neurologist on a daily basis until he is cleared to return. He is definitely out for tonight’s game against the Kings at Sacramento and his status beyond that will be considered day-to-day.

Obviously not as good as "Artest hopped a plane to Sacramento," but not necessarily reason to sound the alarm. That the Lakers make a point of noting his improved condition is nice, and speaking with the LA Times Artest's agent David Bauman seemed reasonably unconcerned, but given the nature of concussions it can be difficult to make projections on a possible return date. We're certainly not going to do without more information available.