The grass is indeed always greener, even when it's brown

I thought Lakers fans might find ironical amusement from this section of a Daily Oklahoman round table regarding this series...

"...Why are opposing point guards torching the Thunder?

Tramel: Westbrook's defense hasn't developed as quickly as his offense. The tonic is to turn the tables. Westbrook should penetrate. When he's going to the basket, he's a very effective player.

Carlson: Deron Williams. Chauncey Billups. Andre Miller. Monta Ellis. All have had big nights. But Williams and Billups are understandable. They're two of the better point guards in the league. And considering the Thunder followed up games against those two by holding Steve Nash to 11 points, it didn't seem like opposing point guards were a problem at that point. The last two — Ellis and Miller — are more troubling. They illustrate again that struggling defense.

Baldwin: Westbrook has had difficulty keeping opposing point guards in front of him. When teams get into the lane it sets up easy buckets in the paint and wide-open 3-pointers on kickout passes.

Sherman: Can't pin this on Westbrook alone. Since the NBA prohibited handchecking out on the floor, even the best perimeter defenders get beat. Help defense from guys off the ball hasn't been anywhere as energetic and consistent as it was in March..."

And remember, Westbrook is a youngster with ridiculous athleticism who arrived in the league with a mostly defensive reputation. As Brian and I often remind folks, quick point guards hurt everyone. Doesn't mean Derek Fisher, Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown aren't sometimes more vulnerable than others, but bottom line, the other 29 teams haven't figured out something inexplicably eluding the Lakers.

Enjoy the game!