On consistency, Kobe, and Game 6... now with BONUS ARTEST (practice video)

Pithy commentary to follow (time permitting and where applicable), but in the meantime here's some video from Wednesday's practice in El Segundo.

First, Derek Fisher answers my question about whether Tuesday's impressive Game 5 win can be chalked up simply to effort and activation (i.e. they paid attention/flipped the switch/gave a hoot) or if it's more complicated. It's a little from Column A, he said- they certainly played with a spring in their collective step- but a lot more from Column B:

More video below...

Next, Fish addresses a question about whether the team now understands they can't rely on Kobe Bryant to bail them out, because his physical condition doesn't allow it. The veteran PG disputes the premise of the question on a few levels.

Next, Phil Jackson. No, we didn't go into a very dark room to shoot, something didn't process properly with the video. But the audio works just fine, and since the visuals here aren't Avatar-esque, I figure we'll all get by.

He covers a variety of subjects, from Kobe-on-Russell Westbrook to better ball movement to the challenges ahead in Game 6.

Finally, Ron Artest hits on a variety of things, from defense to playing hard, and what his role is (to play hard). One more note on Artest: I observed this afternoon how last night's moustache, which admittedly had a sort of 70's TV cop/adult film star quality to it, was gone, now trimmed and melded into the early stages of a goatee.

He said it had to go. "It was bad," he said.

Good bad, or bad bad?

"Bad, bad."

Oh well.