Phoenix 118, Lakers 103: Sloppy is as sloppy does

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

These are the sorts of high percentage looks from the opposition that can hurt a team.

Ain't no real way to sugar coat things: The Lakers looked awful for the majority of this very one-sided defeat in the desert. Horrible. "Who are you and what have you done with the Lakers?" bad.

Any momentum potentially built from Saturday's double OT win in Sacramento went straight out the window, as a Suns team rolled twice by the purple and gold earlier this season at Staples returned that favor on their home floor. In spades. To be kind, the Lakers delivered an across-the-board failure, in which even the positives weren't enjoyed with a clear conscience. Take, for example, Kobe Bryant's 34 points, notched on an efficient 14-26 clip from the field. In and of itself, nothing wrong with that. Just a sign of Bryant rising to the challenge of carrying his team, right? But a gander at the box score reveals how Mamba doubled the shot attempts of next closest Laker (Lamar Odom, 13). Generally speaking, this team is deadliest when the offense is balanced. Scales tipped so heavily in one direction reflects an effort where weakness was displayed by the bushel. To wit:

Put all that aside, however, and it was outstanding work from the Lakers. But hey, could always be worse. Kobe will tell you the same after a look at Steve Nash's bling-free digits..