Class move from a class blog

Keeping in theme with Brian's earlier post, I wanted to relay a message to Jazz fans from Salt City Hoops, part of the True Hoop network. In a nutshell, S.C.H. is calling for EnergySolutions patrons to keep the heckling of Derek Fisher above board. By all means, make noise every time he touches the ball. Boo the veteran until his ears bleed. Offer him a welcome wagon with four flat tires, a lemon engine and six months of payments now transferred under #2's name. All good in the hood.

Still, there are understood limits. "Family" is always off-limits (save perhaps if there's a celeb wife in question), as does anything involving disease. Thus, by definition, anything referencing Fisher's daughter Tatum and her cancer battle crosses a line. Ditto any anger stemming specifically around Fisher departing because of this situation. Even if you're a skeptic who believes Fisher actually wanted out of Utah the whole time, he nonetheless played his guts out for the Jazz, even while fearing the situation. Disrespect on a deeply personal level can't be justified, and a reminder like the one below from S.C.H. shouldn't be necessary:

    "Anyway, let’s bring the noise tonight and keep it interesting and funny. And obviously cancer- and kid-free, sheesh. We probably shouldn’t even have to set that as a baseline."

Amen. If you're not better than that, watch the game --and create viciously bad karma-- in the privacy of your own home.