1980 NBA Finals, Game 6: Magic jumps center- We want your memories!

It's one of the most iconic moments in NBA Playoff lore, let alone Lakers history. On May 16, 1980, with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar laid up with an ankle injury and Spencer Haywood suspended, Magic Johnson was asked to take the opening jump at center in Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Magic went on to play every position on the floor. He scored 42 points, snagged 15 boards, and handed out seven assists. Dude was flat out incredible as the Lakers downed the Sixers 123-107 and clinched a title.

Sunday marks the 30th anniversary of that historic moment, and we want to hear from you. What was your experience with the game? It was in Philly, but were you there? Did you watch on TV? What are your memories of it? Was it part of your video collection growing up? We'll take stories, pictures, whatever. Contact us through our mailbag, the Land O'Lakers Twitter account, the comments section below, or at espnlandolakers@gmail.com.