More on Lamar Odom: How he measures good play

Earlier in the day, I posted about Lamar Odom, and the dropoff in the quality of his play from last season to now (something L.O. himself noted after the Lakers beat Golden State Tuesday night. This afternoon, Andy caught up with Odom at practice, and asked about ways in which Odom defines good and bad basketball relative to his own performance:

His reference to plus/minus and how his has dropped is interesting, both because it's unusual to hear players measure themselves by new metrics (even relatively simple ones) and in how that stat fits so well into Odom's view of good play. "My team played better when I was on the floor." Did I score a bunch of points? Grab rebounds? Make assists? Maybe all of those, maybe none, but when I played my guys scored more than the opposition.

Andy asked Odom if you can make a goal simply out of making your presence felt, whether the results translate to traditional box score numbers or not. "That's the whole point," Odom replied. "That's the point of me saying what's good basketball and what's not good basketball."