Stat of the Day: Andrew Bynum's plus/minus

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Information: Andrew Bynum has yet to record a negative plus/minus during his four games of the Finals.

He's spent 109 minutes of the series on the court and 83 on the bench. The net points with him on the court are +13, and -9 with him sitting. Adjusted over 48 minutes, the point differential is +5.7 while playing vs. -5.2 while watching.

Obviously, stats must always be taken with a grain of salt and shouldn't be treated as the entire gospel without applying context, but I don't think anybody would feel particularly compelled to refute this data. The importance of Bynum's presence has been demonstrated throughout this series, particularly during the second half of Game 4's loss.

Makes the news of Drew's availability for Sunday's game all the better.

A full report from practice will arrive ASAP, but I wanted to pass along those numbers.