Kobe Bryant on jewelry, Phil Jackson

"The left hand's a little jealous," Kobe Bryant said Monday afternoon in reference to the now inequitable distribution of championship jewelry."I'm gonna try and fill it up."

I'm sure Lakers fans are happy to hear he has no plans to stop at five.

They'll also like his take on Phil Jackson's return. P.J. wasn't at the parade today- he had doctor's appointments unable to be rescheduled- but Kobe, like me, believes all that's standing in the way of Jackson's return is a clean bill of health. (I'd add what should be a reasonably simple negotiation.) "I'm telling you, I think it's just a medical thing. If he feels like he's healthy enough to go, he'll be here," Bryant said today after the parade. "I don't think it's a matter of him feeling like he doesn't want to do it again, or he lacks motivation to do it. The motivation is there, the love is there, and if everything's good he'll be ready to go."