D.J. Mbenga: Exit interview and video

It's not unusual for the guys deeper in the rotation to deliver the most interesting exit interviews. Such was the case with D.J. Mbenga Tuesday morning, when the normal talk of summer plans and personal development was interrupted by some serious discussion of Mbenga's desire to make a difference in his home country of Congo.

Mbenga said he'd love to be president of that nation one day, and (as he's done before) spoke eloquently regarding the problems of Africa, and how hard it is to promote positive change. It's easy to forget how much some guys have going on in different parts of their lives. Mbenga's background is fascinating.

The clip opens with Mbenga poking fun at Lakers PR chief John Black, and gets more serious from there.

More from Mbenga below the jump...

It certainly looks like Mbenga won't be back next season. He's looking for more playing time than he'll ever get here, barring serious injuries to frontline players. Earlier in the season, Mbenga admitted he'd probably have gone somewhere else this year had the Lakers not held a team option on his contract. It'll be interesting to see both where he lands and how much he'll play when he gets there.


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