PodKast- Favorite in '10-'11: "Super Team," or the Lakers?

It's taken- literally- years to get here, but we finally have answers to the major questions surrounding the Summer of 2010. And at least in one blogger's opinion, the hype may have been a little suffocating at times, but when it's all said and done the impact on the league will be profound.

Of course, most of it centers around LeBron James heading to Miami, news you missed only if you happened not to be living. But in L.A., what it means for the NBA is less important than the impact on a certain local squad's quest for a third straight title. Is the Miami Super Team (skeletal as they may be at the moment) the favorite to win it all in '10-'11? Vegas says so. It's a question we address at the top of the show... right after wondering how many ways the term "free agent swingman" can be misconstrued.

From there, we take a look at the process surrounding Thursday's festivities. The buildup, the media coverage, the television show, and so on.

Like many of you, we had a few, um, issues.